Planetary Surface Tract Registry


Parcel ESP-0284550-P03:

6.44 square miles (16.7 sq. km, 1,669 hectares, 4,124 acres) in the Amenthes Fossae Region, featuring a medium crater in the central area, and hills in the southern area. 10.3 mile (16.5 km) perimeter.

Property Address:
Amenthes Quadrant MC-14 Sector B3/C3 Parcel ESP-028455-1900-P03

Legal Description:
The Area bounded by the following coordinates on Mars:
102.5139335567360, 9.913847102149342
102.5961794257703, 9.923428677623665
102.5852068827658, 10.01363171067597
102.5020429027331, 10.00626027747650

Registered to:
Wade Wilson
Registrant 2017-001-AA

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