Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with my order?

Your order includes the following digital files:

  • Highest available resolution image of your tract, in .jpg format
  • Image of your tract with registration details in .jpg format, suitable for printing and framing
  • Certificate of Ownership in PDF format, suitable for printing and framing
  • Short mp4 video file showing tract location on Mars
  • Precision geographical files for your tract in .kmz format, for use in Google Earth
  • Title Deed text and PDF files showing ownership of the specified tract, and instructions on transfer of tract
  • Registration of tract ownership in the Mars and More Planetary Surface Tract Registry
  • Links to tract registration in shortcut and QR code form

For a more detailed explanation of the files, please check out our About Mars Tracts page.


Do I have to use my real name?

To register your tract, you must provide your real name for the title. However, you do not need to provide your real name for the poster files nor the online registration. You may be listed as Anonymous, or under a nickname or nom de plume if you desire. Note that we reserve the right to censor names we find objectionable for online display purposes.


What happens after I place an order?

We confirm the registration and payment details, after which your information will be entered into the Mars and More Planetary Surface Tract Registry. We then begin custom creating your tract registration poster and certificate, after which we package up all relevant files and documents. These are then compressed into a .zip file which is mailed to the registered owner’s email address as entered at time of purchase. This usually takes less than 48 hours, but can be quicker or take longer depending on volume of registrations.


Can I sell or give away my tract?

Of course! Your title registration in the Mars and More Planetary Surface Tract Registry is yours to sell, trade, or give to whomever you wish. Your tract documents will include a confidential passkey that will allow you to transfer the title to whomever you specify. Upon receipt of the key and new registration information (plus a small re-registration fee), we will update the registry to the new information and provide a new transfer key to the new registrant. Please contact us if you are interested in transferring your tract.


Is this legit?

It is every bit as legitimate as any online sales of extraterrestrial real estate, and in many ways is much more so. We provide detailed geographic information, high resolution imagery, and strict registration and documentation for our tracts- you know exactly what and where your tract is. However, the exact nature of what sort of governance will be applicable on Mars once humanity settles there is a question left for the future, and disputes over land ownership may arise once expansion takes off. Nevertheless, Mars and More land tracts provide what we believe to be the strongest claim we can provide at time of writing.

There are other websites selling extraterrestrial real estate, and they make grand claims about being the only “legit” sales organizations. These claims are deeply suspect, as they amount legally to “My brother called dibs for me.” These organizations do not allow you to select your own tracts, they do not provide precise land descriptions, and you do not get to see your purchase ahead of time. Would you buy land in Florida without ever seeing even a picture of it, without even knowing exactly where it was in Florida until after you purchased it? Some of these products do not even register who owns the property- completely invalidating the claim! One site even claims that they have the rights to Mars because they registered some claim at the US Copyright office- what on earth does the copyright office have to do with land titles?

Be assured, your ownership of the registration information in the Mars and More Planetary Surface Tract Registry is 100% yours. For legal reasons, this is the full extent of what we are selling, plus the digital files and preparation time. What it’s value will be to the future is unknown, but for now, this is an entertainment novelty product.


Something we haven’t covered here?

If you still have questions, please email us and we’ll be glad to assist!