Welcome to Mars and More!

Welcome to Mars and More!

Hello, and welcome to Mars and More! 

For years I've been fascinated by the space program, both the manned missions to the moon and the unmanned probes. As the internet has made a wealth of information available that I could only have dreamed of as a kid.

Mars and More was created when a pair of fortuitous events happened- the simultaneous arrival of an old, beat up wide-format printer, and the discovery of a high resolution copy of the Saturn V Apollo Flight Configuration.

Immediately I printed out a nice, large copy of the diagram, I realized a couple things. One, that I had gotten the wide format printer at it's very low cost for a reason: frequent jams, a broken paper sensor that made loading paper a tedious game of "do you see the paper this time?", and no modern drivers. And two, that I loved the  result. A giant poster of of a cutaway Saturn V! The 12 year old in me was delighted.

Fast forward a few years, and the printer has been upgraded to a shiny new wide-format photo printer, and the same Saturn V diagram has been dramatically improved. And my inner 12 year old is even more delighted with the posters and prints that we can now make available- posters I would have loved to have on my wall back as a child.

I hope you find the posters and prints as amazing as I do!