About Mars Tracts

What is a Martian land tract?

In the simplest terms, a Martian land tract is a registered section of land on Mars, bounded by four geographic points.

When Mars and More sells a land tract, it consists of a set of pictures and documentation of that section of land and the proper title to it in the Mars and More Planetary Surface Tract Registry. Your tract will include files similar to the following example files:


A tract file is contained in a “zip” file, which is a compressed file. We use file compression to make sure that all the files that are required are set to you, and that they arrive in a state which is unlikely to have been corrupted in transmission. Your zip file will expand to contain the following contents:


A high resolution picture file of the tract. This file contains the highest quality file we can obtain of the tract. Usually, the image consists of the entirety of the tract plus a small amount just outside. This is done to ensure that no part of the tract is not included in the image. Typically, objects between 24 to 60 inches in size are visible in the image, depending on conditions of when your tract was imaged.

Tract Image
High Resolution Tract Image. Click for full size.


A Google Earth file linking to the tract coordinates. Google Earth is a free download and is wonderful for exploring Earth, Mars, and the Moon. We use it to prepare the video flyovers for each tract.

Google Earth Screenshot
Screenshot of Google Earth showing tract.


We also include the video flyover short video that shows where on Mars the tract is.



A copy of the Tract Registration documents in PDF format. This is the most important file as it contains the specific Tract Description, registration details, as well as instructions for transferring the tract should you ever decide to sell or give it to someone else. We also include a copy of the text of this document in a plain text file.


A high resolution picture file of the tract with registration details. This file contains the high quality image of the tract, along with your registration information- who the tract is registered to, tract coordinates, and links back to the registration page. This file is suitable for framing and display.

And last but not least, we include a frame-able Certificate of Ownership, that you can proudly display.


So there you go, that’s what a Mars and More tract consists of! If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us!